ONLINE EXHIBITION #1 | Pierre Bismuth

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Pierre Bismuth, Something Less Something More - Canvas, 2011, acrylic paint on canvas, 24 x 18 cm, 9 holes (d 5 cm), 9 left over disks (d 5 cm)

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ONLINE EXHIBITION #1 | Pierre Bismuth

ONLINE EXHIBITION #1 | Pierre Bismuth

Born 1963 in Paris, lives and works in Brussels.

The artist employs artistic practice as a tool for examining our perception of reality as well as our relation to culture and its productions. The underlying aim of his works is always the same - to destabilize pre-established codes of perception and to push the viewer to become critical and incredulous even when presented with cultural objects whose meaning appears self-evident. Pierre Bismuth uses the same method in manipulating diverse materials, he creates unexpected shifts in the everyday meaning of things in order to provoke a change in perceptual habits, thus opening the space for an understanding of the world beyond its constructed meaning. The immediate accessibility of the materials employed by the artist proves to be a kind of decoy or lure, which eventually leads the spectator to distance him or herself from the usual network of significations and implications in which they are embedded. In this sense Pierre Bismuth never tries to add new meanings to the objects that he manipulates, but aims simply to neutralize their initial meaning and thereby delay the act of understanding.


Schleifmühlgasse 1A, 1040 Wien

+43 1 585 74 74

Christine König Galerie

Christine König Galerie was founded in 1989 in Vienna. The gallery represents a variety of internationally recognized artists and works simultaneously with a decidedly younger generation of upcoming artists. The gallery’s program and its selection of the artists reflects the central concerns of Christine König: Politics and activism, feminism, literature, as well as post-conceptual approaches.

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Friday, 3. June 2022Saturday, 29. January 2022

VERA KOX ((undulating))
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VERA KOX ((undulating))

Friday, 29. April 2022Saturday, 29. January 2022

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Progress Through Beauty

Wednesday, 15. December 2021Saturday, 29. January 2022 10:00

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Field 2

Thursday, 28. April 2022Saturday, 29. January 2022

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Design/Arts and Crafts 1890–1938

Wednesday, 1. July 2020Saturday, 29. January 2022

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arm & reich

Friday, 5. November 2021Saturday, 29. January 2022

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Defiant Muses. Delphine Seyrig and the Feminist Video Collectives of 1970s and 1980s Franc

Thursday, 7. April 2022Saturday, 29. January 2022

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Siegfried Zaworka


Friday, 27. September 2019Saturday, 29. January 2022

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Opening: mixed up with others before we even begin

Exhibition opening

Friday, 25. November 2022Saturday, 29. January 2022 19:00

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mixed up with others before we even begin

Saturday, 26. November 2022Saturday, 29. January 2022