The Culture & Technology Podcast

Episode 8: Hijacking the System / Cornelia Sollfrank

How is technology changing culture? From exhibition design to the performing arts, we invite leading curators, researchers, artists and cultural experts to explore how technology is shaping the future of cultural experiences and sparking new opportunities in the process.
The Culture & Technology Podcast is a virtual salon — hosted by the Vienna Business Agency together with Severin Matusek.

What can early Internet art teach us about the paradigms of digital technology?

This episode of the podcast features Cornelia Sollfrank, an early pioneer of Net Art and Cyberfeminism. Cornelia’s early work in the 1990s explored how the, recently introduced, World Wide Web could be used to do things in a different manner. Up until this day, her work explores many themes, which are still very relevant to this day; mostly digital cultures, self-organisation through new technologies and data as a tool that can be utilised to both positive and negative effects.

About Cornelia Sollfrank

Cornelia Sollfrank is an artist, researcher and university lecturer who is based in Berlin. Cornelia was one of the early pioneers of Net Art and Cyberfemism and recurring themes within her work include infrastructures, aesthetics of the commons and techno-feminist practice and theory.