House of


19-27 NOV 2022

A condemned office building turned into the exhibition venue for the VIENNA ART WEEK and became a unique creative experimental space. On three floors and a total of 1,000m2, around 40 national and international artists and performers questioned existing orders, canons and systems and invited us to challenge our own preconceived opinions and concepts.

Due to the great visitor success, the exhibition at the House of CHALLENGING ORDERS was extended and attracted over 3,000 people.

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Arbit City Group • Cana Bilir-Meier • Ting-Jung Chen • Decolonizing in Vienna • Rah Eleh • Köken Ergun • Shepard Fairey • Coco Fusco • Regina José Galindo • Guerrilla Girls • Enrique Ježik • Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo • Dejan Kaludjerović • Nadine Lemke • Anna Lerchbaumer • Ernst Lima • Roberta Lima • Monica C. LoCascio • Manu Luksch • Jenny Marketou • Ryts Monet • Yoshinori Niwa • mirabella paidamwoyo* dziruni • Mai-Thu Perret • Christiane Peschek • Lisl Ponger • Arnold Reinthaler • Stefan Reiterer • Oliver Ressler • Pipilotti Rist • Maria Schneider • Mithu Sen • Gerald Straub • The Yes Men • Tom Waibel • Christina Werner • Daniel Zaman

Curated by Robert Punkenhofer and Julia Hartmann.

Opening times

Opening: Saturday, NOV 19, 2022 •  17 pm

Sunday, NOV 20, 2022 Friday, NOV 25, 2022  •  Daily from 17 pm

Extension: Saturday, 26 NOV 2022, from 1 pm, to Sunday, 27 NOV 2022, until 7 pm  non-stop open

Closing Party: Saturday, 26 NOV 2022 •  From 7 pm (24 hours open)


19 Nov. / 15:00 H. - 15:45 H.
CHALLENGING ORDERS Exhibition Parcours - Talk with the artist RAH ELEH
On Saturday, 19 November and Sunday, 20 November, the curated studio tour “CHALLENGING ORDERS Exhibition Parcours” leads to seven selected studios, in which artists show works related t...
19 Nov. / 16:00 H. - 17:00 H.
Online artist talk with the GUERRILLA GIRLS: The Art Of Behaving Badly
The Guerrilla Girls are anonymous artist activists who use disruptive headlines, outrageous visuals and killer statistics to expose gender and ethnic bias and corruption in art, film, politics and ...
23 Nov. / 13:00 H. - 14:30 H.
Workshop with JENNY MARKETOU: The Hatchery - An Aquatic Lab
Hatchery means a breeding place an incubator, a nursery, a place for transformation. Oysters are edible matter imbued with vitality. They are a precious coastal resource, harvested for centuries by...
23 Nov. / 17:30 H. - 18:30 H.
Curator tour of the House of CHALLENGING ORDERS
A condemned office building turns into the exhibition venue for the VIENNA ART WEEK and becomes a unique creative experimental space. On three floors and a total of 1,000m2, around 40 national and ...
24 Nov. / 18:30 H. - 20:00 H.
State of the Art(ist). Experiences & ideas for a new cooperation: Ars Electronica & BMEIA
Roundtable   Welcome: Ambassador Dr. Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, Head of Section V BMEIA   Participants (alphabetical order):...
25 Nov. / 16:00 H. - 20:00 H.
Top-class guests from art, science and business open up new perspectives on this year’s motto CHALLENGING ORDERS.   PROGRAM   16:00-16:3...
26 Nov. / 19:00 H. - 19:00 H.
CLOSING PARTY – 24h OF CHALLENGING ORDERS   For the last weekend of the VIENNA ART WEEK 2022 we are once again joining forces to defend ourselves against s...

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