18-25 NOV 2022


Every year, the festival has a theme, which serves as an inspiration for the program partners and also as a guideline for the content of VIENNA ART WEEK’s own program.

In the current global situation, orders and systems that were taken for granted are increasingly beginning to falter. In view of current developments, we are confronted with ever greater challenges.

The innovative potential of art in questioning prevailing structures and thought patterns by using creative strategies is particularly valuable in these times.

With the theme CHALLENGING ORDERS, VIENNA ART WEEK 2022 wanted to look at the political, social and cultural status quo from different artistic perspectives.

More than 100 events with free admission in institutions, independent spaces, exhibition spaces and galleries ensured a varied and exciting program throughout the week.

Take a look at the exhibition catalog of the HOUSE OF CHALLENGING ORDERS, the plentiful media coverage in international and German-speaking publications, browse through the program of VIENNA ART WEEK 2022 and get inspired for next year!

Exhibition catalog HOUSE OF CHALLENGING ORDERS 2023

Clippings VIENNA ART WEEK 2022 – International media

Clippings VIENNA ART WEEK 2022 – German-speaking media

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