10-17 NOV 2023


Every year, the festival has a theme, which serves as an inspiration for the program partners and also as a guideline for the content of VIENNA ART WEEK’s own program.

VIENNA ART WEEK 2023 revolves around a strong and barely controllable emotion with its theme “INCITING PASSION”. While we are probably all united by our passion for art, opinions quickly diverge after that.

Whether in love and relationships, work, politics, or even religion, passion can be a driving force that inspires and motivates people to pursue their goals and desires with a radical level of commitment and dedication. But it can also be potentially destructive and dangerous.

VIENNA ART WEEK 2023 aims to capture this ambiguity in all its facets, reflecting the emotional state of our time from private to public spaces.

Over 100 events with free admission in institutions, independent spaces, exhibition spaces and galleries will ensure a varied, exciting program throughout the week. Once again, art education will be emphasized.

For the first time, there will also be an extensive inclusive program for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses under the motto “VIENNA ART WEEK for all”.

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