About Us

Vienna Art Week is a platform for visual arts in Vienna and a week of art at the same time.


As a leading platform for visual arts, Vienna Art Week presents the significance, diversity and depth of content of the art institutions, academies, galleries, art spaces and artists based in Vienna. The initiative communicates its partners to the outside world and connects them with each other.


Every year in November, Vienna Art Week culminates for one week as a unique festival with around 200 events, hosted by 70 program partners, and a total of 35,000 visitors. The program ranges from exhibition openings, studio tours, lectures and discussions to symposia and interventions in the public space.


Vienna Art Week was founded in 2004 as part of the Art Cluster Vienna association. Art Cluster Vienna pursues the goal of bringing Vienna as a city of art into the focus of the national and international public. Art Cluster Vienna is an association of numerous art institutions in the city.


(v.l.n.r.: Julia Hartmann, Robert Punkenhofer, Theresia Nickl, Juliana Furthner)


The Vienna Art Week team
wishes you an inspiring visit
to Vienna’s art scene!