OPEN CALL: Open Studio Days 2022

Open Studio Days, 19/20 NOV 2022, 1–6 p.m.

We invite artists working in Vienna to upload their submissions for participation in the Open Studio Days within the VIENNA ART WEEK. From all submissions, 50 artists will be selected to open their studios and welcome visitors on the two days of the Open Studio Days – Saturday, November 19 and Sunday, November 20, 2022 between 1 and 6 p.m.

This year’s expert jury – consisting of Robert Punkenhofer (artistic director VIENNA ART WEEK), Angela Stief (director Albertina Modern), Klaus Speidel (philosopher, art critic and curator), Rita Vitorelli (artist and editor Spike Art magazine) and Julia Hartmann (associate curator VIENNA ART WEEK) – will select 50 artists from the submissions to participate in the Open Studio Days.

Submissions are possible from now until 5 May 2022. All artists will be informed by mid-June at the latest whether they have been selected to participate in the Open Studio Days.


Participating artists must have a studio in Vienna at the time of the Open Studio Days in November 2022.

The 50 artists selected by the jury to participate in the Open Studio Days will keep their studios open to the public on Saturday, November 19 and Sunday, November 20 from 1 to 6 p.m.

The VIENNA ART WEEK will be responsible for the promotion of the Open Studio Days participants (website, press relations, printed matter and social media). The submitted images will be used for entries about the respective artists on the website and shared via the social media channels of the VIENNA ART WEEK, but unfortunately cannot offer any financial support.

Additional program

  • Exhibition Parcours – The Exhibition Parcours is a curated exhibition path through the studios of ten selected artists, who show works on the theme CHALLENGING ORDERS. These ten artists will be selected from the 50 participants of the Open Studio Days and invited (in addition to the open studios) to participate in the Exhibition Parcours. For the Exhibition Parcours, only submissions with proposals that thematically address the motto CHALLENGING ORDERS (in the form of studio presentation, video screening, performance, etc.) will be considered.
  • Curator talks – In addition, curator talks with the artists will take place in their studios as part of the Exhibition Parcours. The talks will be arranged in such a way that they can all be attended.
  • Open Studio Days District Tours – Guided tours in the various districts lead visitors on foot to the studios of the Open Studio Days and to other previously undiscovered places of Viennese art production. The VIENNA ART WEEK tries to include as many participating artists’ studios as possible in one of the Open Studio Days District Tours. We ask for your understanding if this should not be possible for individual studios. 


The studio addresses will be printed in the program folder of the VIENNA ART WEEK eight weeks before the Open Studio Days. The VIENNA ART WEEK will use the data indicated in the registration. Please take sufficient time to ensure that all information is correct and complete. In case of an upcoming move, please submit with the studio address that is expected to be valid in November 2022.


Full information: VAW-OpenCall-PDF


Do you have any questions? Please contact Juliana Furthner at:

Phone: +43 664 / 458 21 61


(nur für interne Zwecke, wird nicht veröffentlicht) / (for internal use only, will not be published)

(nur für interne Zwecke, wird nicht veröffentlicht) / (for internal use only, will not be published)

Alternative Adresse für Postsendungen
(wenn im Atelier keine Post empfangen werden kann):
Alternative mailing address
(if mail can’t be received in the studio)
Die Bilder sind für Kommunikationszwecke im Rahmen der Open Studio Days/VIENNA ART WEEK. Bitte ein Porträt, eine Atelieransicht und drei Werkabbildungen.
Maximale Bildgröße: 2MB.
Pictures are for communication purposes during the Open Studio Days/Vienna: one portrait, one studio view, and three work images.
Maximum sizes: 2MB.
Für Rückfragen kontaktieren Sie uns bitte unter
If you have any questions, please contact us at
Wir freuen uns auf inspirierende Open Studio Days 2022!
We look forward to inspiring Open Studio Days 2022!