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Max Freund Künstler WienMaxFreund_Portrait Bildcredits: (c) Susanna Hofer

In MEET THE ARTIST, we are proud to present some of the artists, whose studios could be discovered during the Open Studio Days of VIENNA ART WEEK. Today, we’ll introduce you to Max Freund.


Max Freund lives and works in Vienna. He studied with Judith Eisler from 2011 to 2017 at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. In addition to international exhibition activity, he works with the micro-publishing house Soybot on art books, editions, and fanzines focusing on risograph printing. His large, colorful works can be admired in his studio at the Viennese WUK.

Studio at the Viennese WUK (c) Max Freund

VIENNA ART WEEK: How do you describe what you do to someone who doesn’t know your art at all?

Max Freund: My work rotates between drawing, painting, and interest in printing techniques. Representations become pictograms, various materials and painting backgrounds such as towels, clothing, synthetic fibers, plastic sheeting, bed covers, etc. function as hieroglyphs of our time that should translate back from the current era that lacks emotion into a physically experienceable world.

VIENNA ART WEEK: What should a city offer as a place to live and work?

Max Freund: Not too much control.

VIENNA ART WEEK: The beginning is always the hardest. How do you start a new work?

Max Freund: I usually start a new work with a drawing.



Max Freund. (c) Christoph Schlessmann

VIENNA ART WEEK: How or where do you find inspiration?

Max Freund: In books, discussions, the Internet, Vienna’s houses, 1 € shops, dumpsters and

abandoned places.


VIENNA ART WEEK: What inspires you in Vienna? Which museums, exhibition halls, galleries, etc. do you visit frequently?

Max Freund: Vienna’s many alleys and ornamented houses, cafes, and pubs, the Danube Island, the outskirts of Vienna, the surrounding nature, and my favorite museum, the Mumok.


VIENNA ART WEEK: Do you have a personal work ritual that you like to follow?

Max Freund: Have fun, experiment, misuse materials.

(c) Max Freund

VIENNA ART WEEK: If you would not work as an artist, what would you do?

Max Freund: carpenter, patinator, printing technician


VIENNA ART WEEK: What are the best moments in your job and which are the most difficult?

Max Freund: To have time and to be free with all thoughts in the artistic work. Accepting and positioning elaborate art as a necessity for myself and for society.


VIENNA ART WEEK: What is your dream project that you have not yet implemented?

Max Freund: To design huge, colorful sculptures in nature.

Max Freund