Dynamizing Signs, Polylog, Synergy

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19/11/2021 18:00—21:00

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Künstlerhaus Vereinigung

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The sound worlds of the VIENNA IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA are created solely in the moment: ad hoc compositions mediated by hand signs, designed together with the musicians' ad hoc interpretations - a collective and individual process that can also be described as: proposal - interpretation - execution - reflection - proposal. In a complex, mobile-unstable as well as reinforcing network of relationships, a field of tension of self-referential - collective formulation and design and texture is created, in which ephemeral poetic worlds, expression and their meaning unfold through the ensemble and the instant composition conductor' ad hoc.

Since 2004, the VIENNA IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA has been opening up a special form of experimental composition and complex improvised music with instant composition conducting. As one of the first and continuously working European improvisation orchestras, the VIENNA IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA takes up a marginal discourse on new concepts of sound organization, which was started or developed among others by Bruno Maderna, Lawrence D. Morris, John Zorn or the London Improvisers Orchestra.

In permanently changing and gender-parity casts, singers/musicians from contexts of acoustic and electro-acoustic improvised music, jazz as well as contemporary composed music, perform. At least one new musician is involved in almost every concert, and numerous international musicians have been guests. The VIENNA IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA works on sound-language connections and metaphors in cooperation with writers and with a focus on experimental poetry.

Instant composition conducting by Michael Fischer

Impulse statement:
Thomas Ballhausen


Karlsplatz 5, 1010 Wien

+43 1 587 96 63


The Vienna Künstlerhaus, Association of Austrian Artists, is an autonomous, non-profit artists’ association. It has been engaging visitors with an open, discursive, and interdisciplinary program of exhibitions and events since its founding in 1861.



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Opening: mixed up with others before we even begin

Exhibition opening

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mixed up with others before we even begin

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