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The Zumtobel Group invited to an exhibition opening and talk at the Dornbirn Lichtforum.

Exhibition Light Forum, ©Arno Meusburger

At the end of September, VIENNA ART WEEK partner Zumtobel Group invited guests to its Dornbirn Light Forum to present an annual report of a different kind.

In collaboration with UNStudio, Ben van Berkel and the graphic design duo Bloemendaal & Dekkers, a very visual reflection of the themes explored by the Zumtobel Group in its business report was created for that occasion.

Light images floating through the exhibition rooms, playing with light, colour transitions and transparency, create an impressive experience for visitors – an immersive interpretation of the investigated “transformation in architecture and the built environment”.

As one moves through the space, the images seen transform themselves through the use of different shades of light, colour transitions and transparency – graphics and texts appear and disappear, show themselves to be complementary or identical and convey the impression of not only being confronted with a static result, but of immersing oneself in (design) processes and experiencing transformation directly.

The panel discussion between Ben van Berkel, UNStudio, Dr. Ines Goldbach, Director of Kunsthalle Baselland and the artist Cendra Polsner that followed the opening also connected to the theme of transformation. Cities and societies in transition were reflected on not only by looking at the role of architecture. In addition, the discussion focussed on the potential of the artistic gaze for architectural creation and their mutual positive effect on each other.


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©Arno Meusburger
©Arno Meusburger
Exhibition Light Forum, ©Arno Meusburger
UNStudio, Till Hueckels

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