Working under one roof

An autumnal garden, three children play catch, a tiny dog named Mimi yaps. Schloss25, a former nursing school in the middle of Hietzing, originally a psychiatric institution, is home to 15 female artists and their studios, as well as exhibition rooms, a few common rooms and a lot of unused space. At present, the building is still a house of studios: during the Vienna Art Week's Open Studio Days, tours will be possible; the exhibition "Queer Anatomy" will show queer-feminist content in the rooms formerly used for medical training. For the artists, it is a small paradise with some shortcomings. Because the cooperation has an expiration date: at the end of the year the artists have to leave, the fruit trees in the garden have to be cut down, apartment complexes will be built. "It's a pity, we would have liked to stay here - and the people from the neighborhood liked to come visit the studios, often they bought art directly here - precisely because there is nothing like that in this area." says Christiane Peschek. She is one of the artists who have worked here and realized exhibitions and projects with fellow artists in the studio house. They all are looking for new accommodation now - preferably together, but that will be difficult, says Peschek.