A gallery tour through downtown Vienna

Tour 1: Croy Nielsen – Sophie Tappeiner – Layr – Krinzinger – Wonnerth Dejaco

Courtesy Galerie Krinzinger
The starting point of our tour to five top galleries for contemporary art in the heart of Vienna's city center - situated between Stadtpark and the old town quarter southeast of Kärntner Straße - is the gallery CROY NIELSEN, which is still relatively new in Vienna. CROY NIELSEN "The programmatic orientation of our gallery has grown organically over the years and is shaped by personal preferences, but above all by the artistic environment." When Henrikke Nielsen and Oliver Croy moved their operations from Berlin to Vienna in 2016 to the Beletage of Palais Dumba on Parkring, they took both continuity and the local context of the Viennese art scene into account. Of the around 20 artistic positions - all of international standing - Nina Beier and Benoît Maire should be mentioned here, who have been represented by CROY NIELSEN since the early days in Berlin. The years in Vienna brought additions such as "local heroine" Elke Silvia Krystufek, but also international artists of the younger generation, who mainly live and work in Vienna, such as Birke Gorm, Nicolas Jasmin or Soshiro Matsubara. "The fact that we went to Vienna had less to do with the conditions in Berlin than with the potential we see in Vienna. We keep a very close eye on what's happening here, including at the neighboring University of Applied Arts and the Academy on Schillerplatz." Asked about the digitalization push (CROY NIELSEN were co-initiators of the Covid-19-conditioned and purely virtual Interconti Wien fair in January 2021), Henrikke Nielsen remarks: "What has become apparent recently - in addition to the high acceptance of digital offerings - is that the desire to visit galleries has increased again. Because the international fairs have largely been cancelled, our collectors (including those from abroad) have become more attentive to the exhibitions that have taken place in the gallery meanwhile." croynielsen.com 1010 Wien, Parkring 4