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Kristof Santy_Boterham met choco 2021_Oil on canvas_180 x 200 cm

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Upon entering Kristof Santy’s spacious workspace or his family home in Roeselare, Belgium, there is a sense of eagerness and thirst for knowledge that radiates from the objects scattered through the rooms and corridors. Besides the essential painting materials and hardware, there is a large bookshelf filled to the brim with a variety of titles, as well as a vast collection of random possessions, vintage tools, figurines, souvenirs, and trinkets that indicate the artist’s inquisitive and ever curious mind. It was that aspect of his character that instantly connected with the wunderkammer exhibit at Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, during his visit to the city in 2021. Presenting a compact and focused collection of items that by profound criteria earned a greater significance outside their everyday purpose or meaning, the presentation resonated with his own idea of valuing the material objects for qualities beyond their inherent purpose. Around the same time, the artist visited the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and was particularly intrigued by the cabinet exhibiting antique keys and locks. Seeing everyday tools we all carry in our pockets, presented as a precious museum relic, again resonated with Santy’s interest in exploring the common object’s forms and transforming it into a distinguished, formal motif on a picture plane.   (...)
(Sasha Bogojev, 2021)


Margaretenstraße 5, 1040 Wien

+43 1 5857470

KOENIG2 by_robbygreif

Christine König Galerie was founded in 1989 in Vienna. The gallery represents a variety of internationally recognized artists and works simultaneously with a decidedly younger generation of upcoming artists. The gallery’s program and its selection of the artists reflects the central concerns of Christine König: Politics and activism, feminism, literature, as well as post-conceptual approaches.
In the last decades art has become a dominant field of action and discourse. Visual arts can help develop an understanding for socio-political and cultural processes of change. In a highly stimulating and productive climate, galleries have assumed the role of intermediaries, making a preliminary selection and using their intellectual resources in a responsible way to back and promote certain positions and artists vis-à-vis collectors.

KOENIG2 by_robbygreif is a sealed exhibition room visible in its entirety from the exterior. In its focus on young artists the space acts as a counterpoint to the ongoing exhibition program at the main gallery. The artists usually create site-specific installations for the almost square space which is accessible by appointment only.

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Friday, 3. June 2022Saturday, 5. March 2022

VERA KOX ((undulating))
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VERA KOX ((undulating))

Friday, 29. April 2022Saturday, 5. March 2022

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Progress Through Beauty

Wednesday, 15. December 2021Saturday, 5. March 2022 10:00

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Field 2

Thursday, 28. April 2022Saturday, 5. March 2022

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Design/Arts and Crafts 1890–1938

Wednesday, 1. July 2020Saturday, 5. March 2022

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arm & reich

Friday, 5. November 2021Saturday, 5. March 2022

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Defiant Muses. Delphine Seyrig and the Feminist Video Collectives of 1970s and 1980s Franc

Thursday, 7. April 2022Saturday, 5. March 2022

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Siegfried Zaworka


Friday, 27. September 2019Saturday, 5. March 2022

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Opening: mixed up with others before we even begin

Exhibition opening

Friday, 25. November 2022Saturday, 5. March 2022 19:00

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mixed up with others before we even begin

Saturday, 26. November 2022Saturday, 5. March 2022